About Us

Street Art Fair International

We are an art event production company focused on staging, curating, promoting and producing Art Fairs in major US cities and abroad.

Street Art Fair International is a company based on a visionary idea. We intend to be the producer of the VERY FIRST Global Street Art Fair with showcases across the world. Street Art Fair is the brainchild of well know artist, designer and international entrepreneur Jeff Hamilton. The premier event was held in Los Angeles October 2015 at the Siren Studios Orange, spanning over 50,000 square feet of space and providing approximately 160 booth spaces for artists displays, there was an amazing turn out of over 4000+ Friends, Artist, and Attendees!

The Fairs are comprised of the most unprecedented line-up's including many of the most well-known Urban and Street artists (graffiti and other styles). Past artists include: Alec Monopoly, Shepard Fairey, Odlaw, Kai, Domingo Zapata, Niclas Castello, Annie Preece, MAR, MONCHO1929, Rolland Berry,  7avage just to name a few, as well as many of the newest and hottest upcoming artists from around the globe, We have artist from Paris, Tahiti, London as well as all across the United States.

The Los Angeles Street Art Fair International Is one of the premier Art gatherings held here in the city. The model includes special events, live entertainment, DJ’s, celebrity appearances and collaborations, sponsored VIP parties, live performance art, Symposiums and Seminars regarding the emergence of this social movement in today’s main stream art scene, and other innovative entertainment to insure both consumer interest and artists participation.  These events will be focused on welcoming the most influential and supportive people in art community, as well as sponsors that the company identifies, and to continually attract the world’s hottest upcoming artists. We will always work to coordinate with major media, strategize with celebrities and corporate partners to increase the STR brand value.

Street Art Fair International is committed to bringing the Street Art style to the mainstream community.